The MBA is proud to provide the Career Corner as a way of connecting qualified candidates with available financial industry opportunities.
The Minnesota Bankers Association Nominating Committee invites your suggestions for a nominee for Vice Chair/Treasurer for 2020-2021.
We are proud to recognize MBA member bankers who have been leaders of the industry for 50 years or more. Eligible nominees will be inducted into the Pioneer Club at the Annual Summit on June 16, 2020 in Brainerd.
What's New
Citizens Bank & Trust Co. announced that Anthony R. Hanson was elected to the Board of Directors and has been promoted to President of the organization. Hanson will be the 6th President of the Bank, which was organized in 1886. Anthony is a graduate of the Minnesota Bankers Association Leadership Academy and serves as a member of the Minnesota Bankers Association Insurance & Services Board. more >>
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