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How the MBA Works for You

The MBA and our lobbyists are the first stop for legislators when any banking issue pops up, whether it is legislative or a constituent question/issue. 
We meet with and educate legislators about the banking industry – with an emphasis on meeting all new legislators after they are elected
Staff reached out to both U.S. Senators and all Members of Congress on the IRS reporting requirements and sent out alerts to our members for their help in contacting Congress.
Staff successfully advocated for a fully funded Financial Institutions Special Revenue Fund, which was enacted into law in 2022. We spent five years researching, discussing, and pushing legislation to fix the funding sources.
During the 2021 legislative session, staff worked with other interested groups to stop legislation that would permanently add time to the farmer-lender mediation process.
The MBA’s experience with property assessed clean energy (PACE) proposals, both residential and commercial, is extensive - allowing us to advocate on behalf of our members when bills arise, which have come up frequently over the past seven years.