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Thursday, April 11, 2024
8:30 - 9:00 am Check-in/Continental Breakfast/Drop off clothing donations 
9:00 am Welcome from emcee Krista Ryan
9:05 am  Keep F*!#ing Going
Krista Ryan

A formula to live better and lead stronger through moments of chaos and change. What began as a formula for healing after being involved in a mass shooting, Krista’s KFG method became an action step for living and thriving through change.

10:30 am   Break
10:45 am  Industry Update
Tess Rice, MBA General Counsel/Director of Government Relations

Receive an update on the state of the financial industry – both locally and nationally and hear what issues are on the front burner.
11:00 am  Banking Roundtables

From Management to Retail to IT to Marketing, you will meet others in your role at the bank and have the chance to discuss current issues & trends that matter most to you! 
11:45 am
12:45 pm  One Minute Stress Solutions
Anastasia Galka

Why bother managing stress when you can master it in minutes? In this session, you will learn the science of stress and how it impacts your brain and body. We will learn how to use evidence-based tools to master stress in minutes. We will learn how to offload unnecessary stress, increase your stress tolerance and use your stress as a powerful tool.
2:15 pm  Break 
2:30 pm  Empowered at Work: Practical Confidence for Working Women
Tina VanSteenbergen

Have you ever heard a little voice in your brain? The one that tells you that you probably shouldn’t ask that question, because it’s silly? Or that you shouldn’t volunteer to lead that project, because you’re not qualified enough yet? Or that you probably used a few too many exclamation points in that email?

So many of us have this little voice–the one that doesn’t always feel so little, the one that impacts the way we show up, try, and take up space at work. And, it’s keeping us from greatness! We all deserve to feel confident, comfortable, and even empowered at work. We are worthy of asking questions, worthy of leadership, worthy of taking up space in our workplaces (and all other places, too). Let’s come together in this humorous session and talk about how to turn down the volume of that little voice, and replace it with the empowerment (and joy!) we all deserve.
 3:30 pm  Adjourn