Wednesday, April 12, 2023
8:30 - 9:00 am Check-in/Continental Breakfast 
9:00 am Welcome from emcee Heather Whelphey and a word from our non-profit

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA)   
Kathleen Gavin, Executive Director

MOCA is changing the future of ovarian cancer by funding research, offering support to survivors and loved ones, educating the public and medical community and raising awareness.  MOCA partners with the medical and nursing community to ensure all women receive the best care possible. MOCA is one of the top nonprofit funders of ovarian cancer research in the country, having awarded more than $10 million to research primarily in Minnesota.  For more information about this statewide nonprofit, please visit

9:15 am  Creating Your Own Rules for Success: How to Let Go of Perfect & Live Your Truth
Heather Whelphey

Do you feel like you can’t disappoint anyone? Have to say yes to everything? Aren’t allowed to fail – or even make a mistake? Have to be responsible for everything and take care of everyone? Need to change how you show up to match what a successful person is “supposed” to do?

This was Heather’s story. And it left her overcommitted, burned out, and unsure of what she really wanted. She was on a constant hamster wheel, rushing around to prove herself over and over.

Now Heather has a different story for herself – one that allows her to create greater impact with her work while experiencing more personal joy and freedom – and she wants the same for you.

Through a seamless blend of heartfelt personal stories and practical tools, Heather will guide you to slow down, rediscover who YOU are and what YOU want, and write a new story for yourself. Key takeaways from this interactive keynote include:

  • Understanding the rules you’re playing by now, where they come from, and if they still make sense at this point in your career and life
  • Redefining success on your own terms
  • Creating a new set of rules that align to your values, goals, and the impact you want to have
10:30 am   Break
10:45 am  Grow Your Network, Help the Industry, Get Involved with the MBA
MBA Staff

In this session, you’ll discover what resources MBA has available to you, find out how you can be involved in the Association while also helping the banking industry, and discover how you can grow your network by participating in MBA events.
11:00 am  Speed Networking

Join us for a fast-paced networking session to help you get to know other conference attendees and discuss current issues and trends in banking. 
Noon Lunch
1:15 pm  Invest in Rest
Sarah Moe

Prior to the global pandemic, our Sleep issues were at an all time high. Now, 3 years later, we are still living through these tough days and nights. If the stress, worry and anxiety over the uncertainty we have been experiencing has been impacting your Sleep, you are not alone.

Join us for our session regarding all things Sleep in 2023. We will discuss COVID's impact on our Sleep, signs and symptoms of sleep disorders, "Do's and Don'ts" to get more restful sleep, and much more. This fun and interesting session will leave you with the tools you need to get you rested, so we can get through 2023 as healthy, happy and productive as possible.
2:15 pm  Break 
2:30 pm  Leadership Presence: How to Be an Influential Communicator
Karen Laos

Is it what you say or how you say it? What matters most in order to communicate with influence and stand out as a leader? How can you build trust quickly?

This keynote highlights the behaviors that we need to show up as a leader through our presence. The three pillars are connection, energy and credibility. Each is mapped to actual behaviors such as voice, posture and facial expressions: all of which combined make us more approachable, influential and likable.

You will leave with practical tips to apply immediately - even during the keynote!
 3:30 pm  Adjourn