Dave DeFazio

Strategy Corps
Dave DeFazio is a partner at StrategyCorps and works with bank clients to design, build and implement a variety of checking, marketing and training programs. His extensive financial services experience and continuous research in the field ensures each product and service meets the needs of today's retail bankers.
As partner, he develops consumer sites and mobile apps that deliver value to bank customers as well as analysis tools that allow clients to have a deeper understanding of customer relationships and product profitability. He has spoken at conferences nationwide about insight and research on innovations in financial technology, retail banking and other tactics of today’s best retailer marketers. Dave received his B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Ohio Wesleyan University.

The Amazon Prime Effect – Surviving in the New Subscription Society
Subscription services are quickly becoming the dominate strategy of today’s best retailers and have caused a monumental shift in the way people buy. More than 50% of all American households now subscribe to Amazon Prime, and more than 200 million people subscribe to this and other retail services such as Netflix, Spotify, Dollar Shave Club, Costco and AAA. Bank marketers have a duty to understand these trends and drive their banks beyond just transactions to connect better with the lifestyles of today’s modern consumers.

Jackson Hataway, Ph.D.
Strategic Arts & Sciences
Jackson holds a Doctorate in Organizational Communication from the University of Alabama. He specializes in internal and external communication, organizational development, team building, and strategic planning. He has a unique ability to couple real-world practicality with new theories of corporate growth and change. Through his work facilitating strategic planning sessions and developing communication platforms, Jackson has learned to identify the resources that are often forgotten or ignored by organizations – and to hone those resources so that they become invaluable.

Jackson works with some of the fastest growing financial institutions in the U.S. to deliver cutting edge innovation that drives positive impact to the bottom line. At the same time, his expertise in communication theory and strategy has led him to work regularly with executives at leading digital technology companies such as Microsoft and Adobe to develop internally and externally facing communication platforms. All of these engagements enable him to bring a wealth of best practices and insights to clients across the country.

In addition to his consulting expertise, Jackson is a renowned professional speaker with numerous national awards in his ten years of speaking experience. He has spent a great deal of time coaching executives and teams at companies ranging from financial institutions to MSNBC to Time Inc. on his high-energy and engaging approach to public speaking.

JP Nicols

FinTech Forge
JP has been internationally recognized as a leading voice for innovation, strategy and leadership, and his work has been featured in top publications and conferences around the world.

He is Managing Director of FinTech Forge, which helps enterprises build and leverage their innovation capacity through strategic partnerships and investments.

JP is a trusted advisor to companies from startups to the Fortune 500, a popular writer and speaker, and is often quoted in the media. He is a host of Breaking Banks, the #1 global fintech podcast, and the #1 business show on the VoiceAmerica network; as well as his own podcast Serial Intrapreneur on Provoke.fm. He is also a top-rated instructor on fintech and innovation for a groundbreaking course on fintech and innovation at leading graduate schools of banking.

He previously spent 20 years helping to grow a small regional financial services company into a global leader with over $60B in market capitalization.

He has been named to several lists as an influential thought leader, including the FinServ 25: The Most Influential Voices in Banking, and many others including:

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He holds a B.A. from the University of Akron, and an M.B.A. from Cleveland State University, where he conducted his research project at Buckinghamshire College in England. He also completed the Leadership Excellence executive program at the University of Minnesota, and is a graduate of the Cannon Financial Institute and the College for Financial Planning.

More information is available at JPNicols.com. Follow him on Twitter: @JPNicols.