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I.D. Checking Guide
I.D. Checking Guide
Coverage includes a full page or more on each state and province, and the Guide features full-color samples and descriptions of what to look for, so you can be confident that the ID hasn't been altered or forged...that it belongs to the person carrying it...that the subject is not underage.

Security Details About Each State/Province Includes:
  • Overall Appearance Should it be laminated? Should it have a reflective surface? Should there be a laser-engraved image of the licensee? Tactile features?
  • License Number Coding Should it have numbers only? A special first letter? A combination of letters and numbers? Is the spacing correct?
  • Term of License Is it valid 2, 3, 4 years or more? Does it expire on the birthday or at the end of the birth month? What is the term for non-U.S. citizens?
  • Keys for Minors Is it in vertical format? Is the photo framed in a color different from the adult format? Are the dates for 18th and 21st birthdays shown?
  • Required Validations Should there be a ghost image? A holographic overlay? Any features in optical variable ink? What is visible under UV light?
  • Valid Formats Shows all formats that are valid in use.
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