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Associate Member Program

Being an Associate Member of MBA is good for business! Banks are actively investing in new products and services, and they are specifically looking for MBA Associate member companies to help them.   

Why? More than perhaps any other industry, banks face a myriad of special considerations when picking a vendor to do business with. Bankers know that not just anyone can become a member of MBA; your company will have been vetted through references from Minnesota bankers and approval by the Board of Directors.  

Here’s how membership will help you…  

Opportunities to make real-life connections. More than 2,800 Minnesota bankers attend at least one of our events each year. When you sponsor and/or attend, you’re getting facetime with decision makers, whether it’s conversations over lunch or presenting at one of our popular Solutions Showcases.    

Opportunities to position you/your company as experts.  

  • The MBA News magazine is distributed to thousands of bankers six times a year and our e-newsletter, The Voice, is read by nearly 3,000 each week. Each gives you the opportunity to submit expert articles and/or information.  
  • MN Banking Minute videos are posted on our YouTube and social media channels and feature associate members talking about banking issues.  
  • Associate members are also frequent presenters at our conferences and workshops.   
  • Does your company offer free educational webinars? Let us know and we’ll post them on our website. 

Opportunities for visibility. Over 95% of MN banks are members of the MBA. They look for potential vendors by visiting our online directory, reading our publications, and attending our programs.    

What does it take to become a member?  Associate membership is subject to approval by the MBA Board of Directors and the application requires references from three Minnesota banks that have used your product or service.  Membership dues are $1,100 per year based on a July 1st – June 30th fiscal year. Dues will be prorated in the first year. Subsequent renewal invoices will be due on July 1st.    

Questions? Contact Renee Lawler at or (952) 857-2630.