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Make an Impact...Get Involved

It is imperative that our elected officials understand the importance of the banking industry to their communities and that a fair and accurate picture of the industry is represented at the Capitol.  

Getting involved in the process does not take much time or effort, but it does require passion for the banking industry and a desire to inform your legislators of our issues. 




Attend Bank Day at the Capitol
February 2, 2023 



Attend the Washington, D.C. Trip
March 20-23, 2023


Develop and maintain a relationship with your legislators.

Contact them when issues pertaining to the banking industry arise at the Capitol.

Who represents me?


Attend local events and meetings in the community

The more often your legislators see and hear from you, the more likely they are to remember you and contact you if they have industry related questions.  



Keep us in the loop

Let the MBA Government Relations staff know about your communications with legislators and of meetings you attend.

Therese Kuvaas, Government Relations Manager 857-2603