Pioneer Banker Club

The Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA) is proud to recognize bankers who have been leaders of the industry for 50 years or more. Any Minnesota banker who has attained at least 50 years of active service is eligible. The four bankers pictured below were inducted into the Pioneer Club at the 2017 Annual Summit. See below for a complete roster.

2018 Pioneer Banker Nomination Form


(Clockwise from upper left) Elaine Hansen, Jerine Hoffmann, Dennis Troff and Linda Goehle.

Linda Goehle

Linda Goehle began her banking career on September 12, 1966. She was hired by First National Bank of Luverne as an audit clerk. In 1965, the bank built a new building and moved to its current location. In 1979, the bank became First Bank. It added a branch in Pipestone in 1984. Linda worked as a teller from 1974 to 1981, becoming the Senior Teller in 1977. She worked in the teller department until 1981 then moved to audit coordinator, where she worked until 1985. She then moved to an accounting clerk position. In October of 1987, the bank was sold to 215 Holding Company, and the name changed to First Farmers & Merchants National Bank. At that time, Linda worked in bookkeeping; she has been a bookkeeper to the present day. Linda worked under several different bank names over the years, but it has always been the same bank. She handled many items in her banking career: vault teller, traveler’s checks, balanced many accrual accounts, certificate of deposits issuing and redeeming, figuring many forfeitures by hand, wires, investments, Fed Funds and payroll. The biggest change in 50 years of banking is the use of the computer and technology. The bank holding company has also grown over the past 30 years to banks in 17 locations. Linda has been an important part of this bank for 51 years.

Elaine Hansen

Elaine Hansen has worked in banking for 50 years as of June 5, 2017. This was accomplished at First Farmers & Merchants Bank and its predecessor bank. Elaine started her banking career at Pipestone National Bank as a teller. She moved to the lending side of the bank as a loan assistant where she worked for a number of years. Laughter could often be heard as Elaine helped loan customers with their loan advances, payments, and questions. Elaine paid attention to details and customers felt very comfortable that their transactions were being taken care of. Elaine transferred to First Farmers & Merchants Bank’s Luverne location where she has worked in customer service, bookkeeping, and most recently, the bank’s data center. In her current position of Exception Items Specialist, she works with employees in all First Farmers & Merchants Bank locations. Elaine has helped many customers and employees throughout the years, taking great care to provide correct information at all times. She takes pride in her work and her efforts are greatly appreciated by both bank employees and customers.

Jerine Hoffmann

Jerine Hoffmann began working at State Bank of New Ulm (now Frandsen Bank & Trust) on November 1, 1966, in the bookkeeping department. She went on to work in operations for many years, handling wires, ACH, daily correspondent bank balancing, investing and other miscellaneous jobs. In the last nine years, she has worked part-time in the customer service department.

When Jerine started working, there wasn’t a proof machine. Each day, two men would carry a large wooden tray of ledger books to be placed behind the teller line. Customer transactions were entered into the various books. She couldn’t imagine remote capture back then. Jerine has seen and has adapted to the many changes in the banking industry in the last 50 years. She has seen the bank grow from $8 million in assets in 1966 to $1.7 billion today. Jerine has enjoyed working at Frandsen Bank & Trust and the banking industry for 50 years.

Dennis Troff

Dennis Troff began his banking career in 1963 after graduating from Carleton College and military service as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He joined Northwestern National Bank in Minneapolis as a management trainee and then joined a commercial lending division. He was elected President of Moorhead State Bank in Moorhead, Minnesota in 1970. He became President of Peoples Bank of Commerce in 1993 and served in that position until 2005. He continues to serve as a director on the Peoples Bank of Commerce board. Dennis has been and continues to be active as a volunteer in community organizations.


Marilyn J. Agre
Lloyd A. Amundson
Gary E. Bakko
Bernard Bastian
Maggie Bauer
Peter L. Bauer
Quentin Beadell
William H. Beery
Marlen E. Bents
H. H. Berg
Bruce W. Beutel
Gerald A. Bilski
John O. Bohmer
George N. Borgerding
C. T. Braff
Paul H. Bringgold
Ken Broin
Marion Brummer
Edward H. Buerkle
Irvin Burich
Thomas "Buzz" Burich
Robert Cameron
John F. Campe
Richard J. Carlander
David J. Carr
T. Donald Cashin
John J. Cavanagh
Edward R. Cleasby
Keith Clements
Harold C. Cole
Marilyn J. Cox
David G. Dewitt
Robert Dickson
D. J. Dorweiler
Dasen Dorweiler
Harlan Drube
C. R. Duroe
Richard L. Duroe
Chester N. Eggen
Marianna Eiselt
Dale J. Emmel
Ewald A. Fenrick
Theresa C. Fierst
Joseph M. Finley
Clyde Fischer
Lois Fiskum
Robert F. Foley
Loren R. Fretland
Newton Fuller
Richard E. Gandrud
Z. S. Gault
R. James Gesell
Linda Goehle
Bernard Gulden
Edward Gutzmann
Larry Habstritt
Larry D. Hahn
Kathy Hallum
Elaine Hansen

Orville M. Hanson
Robert D. Harder
James E. Hausauer
George F. Hayden 
James Heig
John R. Heneman
Allen G. Highum
G. Jack Hillstrom
Jerine Hoffmann
Dale Hoganson
Russell E. Holm
John D. Hunt
David M. Hyduke
Karen Hymes
Ernest Iverson
Russell W. Jacobson
Anthony C. Johnson
Edsel F. Johnson
Gladys Johnson
Harlowe M. Johnson
Jean B. Johnson
Larry D. Johnson
Myron J. Johnson
Patricia P. Johnson
Warren Johnson
William R. Johnson
Kenneth C. Jore
Kenneth E. Just
Earl E. Keskey
George J. Klasen
Gordon H. Klaudt
Richard M. Kramer
Gunnar Kronholm
Donovan Kuehnast
Ervin F. Kurth
Maynard A. Lawrence
Micheal L. Lillehaugen
Carl V. Lind
Judy Lipetsky
Duane W. Loe
Dale C. Madison
Joyce E. Magner
John A. Malmberg
Gerald W. McGee
Art Melander
Harlan Mensink
Angeline R. Mixner
Gerald F. Mohrfeld
E. M. Neisen
Earl Nelson
Gordon L. Nelson
Lucille Nickolay
Daniel H. Nicolai
John D. O’Brien
L. R. Oberg
Bruce Olness

Dayel M. Olson
Newman E. Olson
Shirley Olson
Ken Onken
Alvin C. Peterson
Donald N. Peterson
Roger Peterson
Alan Pettit
Jane Pickle
G. M. Pieschel
Larry Pietrzak
John F. Pletz
F. J. Poepl
Lowell A. Pogatchnik
Don Ransom
Douglas Rech
W. C. Ries
Lois Roberton
Marie Roberts
Robert Roehl
Evelyn C. Roelike
Elsie Rolfs
L. H. Rolfs
A. William Sands
Richard P. Sankovitz
D. D. Saxen
V. G. Schaffer
Elaine Schlemmer
Ralph C. Schmidt
Donald Schumacher
George Schweiss
Margaret Shaw
Vernon Shoquist
Norman C. Skalicky
James G. Sneer
Geraldine Sons
Ronald Steele
S. G. Steen
Fred E. Stein
W. W. Studtmann
Paul Tellefson
Roy Terwilliger
John E. Thinesen
Dennis Troff
Edward C. Turn
Wendale P. Vander Broek
Richard B. Ventrucci
Wilfred Vogel
Roger J. Voit
Paul Vollan
Roger Weise
Joe Welle
Clair C. Wilcox
Robert Wiley
William Wilkening
August A. Williams
Carol J. Wurm
William H. Zabel