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Deposit Accounts Procedures Manual
Deposit Accounts Procedures Manual

The Minnesota Bankers Association offers a 1,000+ page Deposit Accounts Procedures Manual which provides compliance guidance on both federal and state laws affecting banks. These manuals are available in a PDF, downloaded from our website, which allows banks to load the manuals on their computer network, making them accessible to everyone at their location. The manual is updated yearly.


  • Manuals are just a mouse click away!
  • Easy computer search of manual topics
  • You can be assured of using the most current version of the manuals
  • Capability to copy and paste information from manuals into other applications
  • Latest and greatest information
  • Manuals are at your fingertips, therefore they will be used more often

Cost to buy computer download:

  • Members - $225, plus tax, plus annual update fee
  • Eligible non-members - $450, plus tax, plus annual update fee

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