Stop Ransomware in its Tracks

The Minnesota Bankers Association is proud to partner with Citon in marketing its Aardvark product, an innovative solution that detects and stops ransomware related file encryption before it spreads, on both the fileserver and workstation. Like a fire sprinkler system, Citon Aardvark catches a ransomware attack in progress and limits the damage it may have otherwise caused.

What does that save you? Hours of file recovery downtime and the choice between paying the ransom or losing your business.

Why Citon Aardvark?

Citon Aardvark is different from normal anti-virus and anti-malware tools because it only cares about one thing: Files changing that shouldn’t. This sidesteps the traditional cat and mouse game of the anti-virus world.

The biggest danger ransomware poses to your business is when it finds its way from a workstation to your fileserver through one or more “mapped drives,” allowing it to discover and encrypt all your most important shared files. One infected workstation can lead to a total loss of data.

What does that mean for you?

With Citon Aardvark, you’ll be back in business sooner and with less data loss. One of the worst security issues of our day, ransomware attacks are inevitable. Between spam, hacked websites, malvertising, and direct assault, attackers have many ways in. Aardvark provides a last line of defense for your business. The benefits include:
  • Speed: Immediately alerts your IT support team so they can quickly find and cut off the infected machine.
  • Money: Damage is reduced, thereby reducing IT staff and consultant time.
  • Time: Recovery happens within minutes, instead of days, so your staff can get back to work quicker.
  • Reputation: All PR is not good PR. Aardvark helps you avoid multi-day outages—plus the headlines to match.
  • Simplicity: Makes enabling and disabling fileserving as easy as clicking a button.

Does it really work?

“Since deploying Citon Aardvark, we’ve seen multiple cases of ransomware attacks thwarted before they got out of hand. Our customers have seen minimal damage, a majority of their files untouched, and their businesses back up and running with minimal time loss.”

For more information please contact:
Jay Tambornino • • 952-857-2617