Financial Literacy

MBA Bankers: Partners in their Communities

Since the MBA's beginning in 1889, the Minnesota Bankers Association and its members have been providing much more than reliable financial services and sound fiscal advice; they are vital partners in their communities. The MBA and its members work with national, state and community programs that offer everything from scholarships to low-interest loans. Efforts are focused on economic & community development and consumer & youth education.


Each year, BestPrep's Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) program partners with the MBA and teaches high school students business, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and career direction. Students learn from business professionals, who help facilitate and mentor the students. Numerous guest speakers and volunteers share their expertise with the students in areas such as marketing, insurance, writing a business plan, job interviews and credit scores.

MBV partners with college campuses, allowing students to envision college life. Each student who attends MBV is granted a sponsorship to attend. Multiple MBA member banks provide sponsorships for students each summer.

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Minnesota Council on Economic Education

The Minnesota Council on Economic Education (MCEE) provides Minnesotans with the economic and personal financial understanding they need to function effectively in a complex, global environment.

MCEE accomplishes its mission by developing and conducting teacher and community education programs. These programs provide comprehensive economic education to educators and encourage and reinforce their efforts to bring economic understanding to Minnesota’s young people. MCEE also develops and disseminate high quality economic curriculum materials and provides curricula and teaching exercises to teachers that augment existing curricula and instructional objectives.

Banks may sponsor a teacher professional development  in personal finance and economics.

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