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Consolidated Communications
7700 France Ave S Ste 175N
Edina, MN 55435-5847

Asm Description
Consolidated Communications has one of the largest FIBER OPTIC NETWORKS in the U.S., making it a premier provider of networking services for banks, credit unions and other financial services companies. Leveraging our network allows our customers to conduct business at the speed of light! We connect banks to their branches, their customers, their suppliers, to the Internet, to the datacenter and/or a favorite Cloud application service provider. We offer SECURE Internet, a unique differentiator in the market, allowing you to protect critical but confidential data and make it possible for our banking customers to make use of our continuous automated, up-to-date patching. We offer WIFI for guest access in the lobby and as a way to support the use of mobile banking apps. We offer Cloud connectivity, Office 365, Backup, Infrastructure as a Service and DR as well as hosted and managed phone systems with call center capabilities, all through one CONSOLIDATED partner.