Total Training Solutions, Inc. (TTS) – a nationwide provider of training webinars for the financial services industry – is the facilitator for the MBA’s webinar training program. When registering for your first webinar, you will need to create a new user profile and password. Please look for communication from Registrations@BankWebinars.com. Contact Chris Harrison at chrish@minnbankers.com with any questions.

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Webinars Provide Cost-Effective Presentations

A webinar combines the clarity of an audio teleconference with the interactivity and visual presentation of the internet and offers the convenience of attending a training session from your own facility.

You pay by the location, not by the person.

All you need to participate is a phone connection and an internet connection. Don't have an internet connection? You can still participate in only the audio session!

The session allows attendees to ask questions, participate in live surveys, and see the slides as the seminar leader presents the material.

Can't attend at the scheduled time? No problem, purchase the recorded version and you receive unlimited playback of the original session (combined audio & visual with your internet connection) for six months, an audio cd (listen to the session without an internet connection), plus all the original printed handouts.

TTS enhances the webinar! We've simplified the process of connecting to the webinar while extending its capabilities to provide you the very best in web-based seminars featuring the finest speakers in the financial industry.

TTS Contacts:
  • Call TTS at 800-831-0678 and select an extension below. Individual contacts can be found here
    • 0 - Operator
    • 1 - Webinar Information
    • 2 - Billing
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    • 6 - Technical Support
  • Email us at Info@ttsTrain.com
  • Chat with us online at BankWebinars.com