Graduate School of Banking/MBA Live Online Seminars
April 2019
Growing Long-Term Retail Deposits - Withdrawal-Only Deposit Accounts
Commercial Construction Loans: Administering and Monitoring - Part 3
4/23/19  C&I Business Cash Flow Basics and Global Cash Flow Integration Issues for Lenders and Analysts - Part 3
4/23/19  Understanding C&I Loan Structuring, Loan Agreements and Covenants - Part 3
4/24/19  HSA Advanced Concepts
4/24/19  Predicting Future Job Performance through Behavioral Based Interviews
Mentoring Relationships - How Having a Mentor and Being a Mentor Helps You Succeed in Your Career
4/25/19  Growing Long-Term Retail Deposits - Misunderstood Opportunities in Early Withdrawal Penalties
Managing Generations in Today’s Workplace
Internal Controls for Lean Organizations
May 2019 
5/1/19 Employment Law Update - Part 1
5/1/19 Top 10 HSA Issues
5/3/19 Negotiation Skills for the HR Professional
5/7/19  Commercial and Industrial Lending in Today's Competitive Market
5/8/19 Employment Law Update - Part 2
5/9/19  How to Build an Employee Referral Program That Works
5/9/19  Recipe for an Effective Sales Environment
5/9/19  Vendor Management – How Model Risk Fits In
5/14/19  Commercial Real Estate Lending in Today's Economy
5/14/19  Trusts for Planning, Privacy and Protection
Employment Law Update - Part 3
5/16/19 Using Process Improvement Tools to Streamline Resolution of Audit and Regulatory Exam Findings
5/17/19 Interviewing Skills for Better Hires
5/17/19 Cyber Incident Response Best Practices
5/21/19 Problem Loan Workout in Today's Market
5/21/19  Loan Documentation for Secured Commercial Lending Transactions

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