Graduate School of Banking/MBA Live Online Seminars


 October 2020
10/26/20  The Nuts & Bolts of Asset/Liability Management
10/27/20   Commercial Real Estate Lending: Cap Rates and Factors Beyond Debt Coverage and Loan-to-Value
10/27/20   Key Ratio Analysis: Calculating and Interpreting the Numbers Correctly
10/27/20   Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Approaches to Value De-Mystified
10/27/20   Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow: Focus on Business Owners and/or Self-Employed with Pass-Through Income from Schedule K-1s
10/27/20  How to Craft an Effective Commercial Loan Write-Up
10/28/20  IRA Transfers and Rollovers
10/28-10/29/20  Realigning Priorities for the New (ab)Normal
10/29/20  Manage Your Core Assets: Brand
 November 2020
11/3/20 Bank Technology Management School
11/3/20  Commercial Real Estate Lending: Issues with Property Types & Lease Structures
11/3/20  Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Key Appraisal Components Beyond the Approaches to Value
11/3/20  Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow: The Role of Global Cash Flow for Owner(s) Plus Business(es) as an Underwriting Tool
11/3/20  Characteristics of Strong Risk Assessments and Tools to Monitor and Report Results 
11/3/20  Leading More Successful Projects
11/4/20  Everything Roth
11/4/20  Leading More Successful Projects
11/5/20  Liquidity Strategies for Illiquid Community Bank Stocks
11/6/20  Vendor Management Process Improvements
11/9/20  Coaching Prospecting: Practical Strategies for Sales Leaders 
11/10/20 Commercial Real Estate Lending: Developing a Global Analysis of Property Holding
11/10/20  Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
11/10/20  Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Overview of Evaluations, Validations of Existing Appraisals and Third Party Review
11/10/20  Advanced Personal and Global Cash Flow Issues: Capital Gains, Recurring/Non-Recurring Items, Loss Carryforwards and Others
11/10/20  Advanced Cash Flow Analysis
11/10/20  Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program - ERM, IT, and Internal Controls
11/11/20  Rollovers Between Retirement Plans and IRAs
11/11/20 Dealing with Conflict
11/18/20  IRA Beneficiary Distributions
11/18/20  Conversational Intelligence: Tools for Success in Business
11/19/20  Community Bank Capital Raising Simplified
11/24/20  Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Financial Statement Components, Structures and Levels of Account Involvement
11/24/20   Advanced Tax Return Analysis
11/24/20   Commercial Lending: Loan Structuring Basics, Including Terminology and Four Key Factors
11/24/20   Consumer Lending: Analyzing Personal Financial Statements and Loan Applications plus Key Ratios
11/25/20  IRA Beneficiary Distributions
 December 2020
12/1/20  Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Cash vs. Accrual Accounting Refresher
12/1/20  Commercial and Industrial Lending in Today's Competitive Market
12/1/20 Commercial Lending: Best Practices for Structuring and Underwriting Lines of Credit, Bridge Loans, Term Loans and Seasonal Credits
12/1/20  Consumer Lending: Overview of Credit History, Role of Collateral and Other Factors
12/2/20  HSA Fundamentals
12/8/20  Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Creating a Business Tax Return and Comparing/Mapping to a Conventional Financial Statement
12/8/20   Commercial Lending: Loan Agreements and Covenants
12/8/20   Consumer Lending: Overview of Residential Mortgages and Home Equity Lending
12/9/20  HSA Advanced Concepts
12/9/20  Problem Loan Workout in Today's Market
12/14/20  Accounting Basics / Refresher for Bankers
12/15/20 Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Developing and Analyzing Key Ratios
12/15/20  Commercial Lending: Five Keys to Better Credit Memos and Loan Packages
12/15/20  Commercial Lending: Improving Loan Pricing and Profitability
12/16/20  Top 10 HSA Issues
12/18/20  Business Continuity Plan Development

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