Graduate School of Banking/MBA Live Online Seminars


August 2020
8/4/20 Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Overview of Evaluations, Validations of Existing Appraisals and Third Party Review
8/4/20  Employment Law Update - Part 3
8/4/20  Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow: Focus on the Individual, Sole Proprietorships, Rental Property and Farms
8/4/20  Loan Documentation: Roles and Functions of Key Commercial Documents PRIOR to Closing
8/4/20  How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
8/5/20  The Evolution of Data Science and Its Impacts on Consumer Lending
Core Deposits - Impact on ALCO Measures & Funding Plans 
8/6/20 Every Employee is Responsible for Customer Growth 
8/6/20  Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers: Prospecting and Building Relationships
8/6/20  Manage Your Core Assets: Brand
8/7/20 Managing Generations in Today’s Workplace
8/11/20 Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Approaches to Value De-Mystified
8/11/20 Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow: Focus on Business Owners and/or Self-Employed with Pass-Through Income from Schedule K-1s
Loan Documentation: Understanding the Roles and Functions of Key Commercial Documents AT Closing
8/12/20 Brand Strategy: The Key to Higher Margins
Lending to Churches and Non-profits
8/13/20 Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers: Engage with Insights
8/13/20  Leadership & Negotiation Skills for the Workplace
8/17/20 Growing Your Bank – The Real Life Implications of the Regulatory Compensation Rules
8/18/20 Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Key Appraisal Components Beyond the Approaches to Value
Advanced Personal and Global Cash Flow Issues: Capital Gains, Recurring/Non-Recurring Items, Loss Carryforwards and Others
Commercial Real Estate Lending: Cap Rates & Factors Beyond Debt Cover and Loan To Value
8/20/20 Using Sales Navigator: The World's Best Prospecting Tool
8/24/20 Successor in Interest – Protection that Most Banks Ignore
September 2020
9/15/20 Effective Strategic Planning - Beyond the Budget
Starting 9/30/20 Digital Banking School

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