Government Relations Overview - Building Relationships & Creating Connections


Building relationships is the foundation of what we do. Our members’ personal relationships with their local, state and federal representatives are vital ingredients to creating a solid foundation.

With the help and support of each of our members, we have been able to bring bankers together from every part of the state to help deliver the banking industry’s message to key public policy leaders.  The active support of members strengthens our advocacy efforts on banking issues in both Saint Paul and Washington, D.C.

Each year the MBA hosts the Bank Day at the Capitol, the Washington, D.C. Trip, and organizes countless grassroots meetings for public policy makers all around Minnesota.  These events provide an excellent opportunity for members of the banking community to show their support for bank industry issues in large numbers.

It is these building blocks that lay the groundwork that provides us with the success of our Government Relationships initiative. With your support, our foundation will remain strong and our successes will continue to grow.

The MBA is working for you, the financial industry, and the customers our members serve.

Bank Day at the Capitol - March 3, 2022

All the ingredients for a very successful event merge into an exciting  outing during the MBA's annual Bank Day at the Capitol. This event helps establish new relationships while nurturing old ones as bankers connect with legislators and others. During Bank Day at the Capitol we hear directly from key decision makers, get updates on issues affecting the banking industry and take part in quality networking opportunities with legislators, policy makers, friends of the industry and peers.

The Washington Trip - May 3-5, 2022

The Washington Trip offers a rare opportunity to meet with federal regulators, Congressional delegates, national level policy makers and peers to dialogue about key banking issues. Through banker involvement, the MBA has established relationships that help create opportunities to connect with key officials. The MBA is proud to be able to provide its members with access to those persons who play a major role in shaping the future of the banking industry. 

Grassroots Involvement

Minnesota bankers have the ability to take part in the legislative process and play an active role in shaping our business environment. By participating in events such as Bank Day at the Capitol in St. Paul and our Washington Trip, we are able to have meaningful dialogue with our senators, congressmen and state elected officials. While they may not always agree with our position, our state and federal representatives welcome input from their constituents.

Grassroots is an excellent means to express the values and ideas that could influence the legislative process. With support and input from our members, we have made the grassroots process work.

Building Relationships

Elected officials are not experts on every issue that comes before them. That is why the relationships built between lobbyists, legislators and their constituents are extremely important. TRUST is the key when discussing issues with legislators; if they do not believe that you are providing accurate information then they will not support or listen to your issues. The relationships built between legislators and you, their constituent and local banker, can be as important and even more important than a legislator/lobbyist relationship. While the MBA Government Relations team has excellent relationships with the Minnesota Congressional delegation, the Governor’s office, legislators in the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives, it is you, their local banker they want to see when we meet to discuss issues.  Maintaining an open line of communication with legislators allows them to feel comfortable contacting you about any issues that arise. As in every relationship, trust and communication are everything.