Grassroots Action Center

MBA Grassroots Team

The MBA legislative program is coordinated by a team of individuals inside and outside the organization. General Counsel/Director of Government Relations Tess Rice heads up the effort. Tess, with the help of Therese Kuvaas, Government Relations Manager; Joe Witt, MBA President & CEO; the consulting firm of Cook, Hill, and Girard; and bankers work continuously with members of the Legislature to ensure a fair and accurate picture of the industry is represented.

What can you do to make an impact?  GET INVOLVED!

  • Attend Bank Day at the Capitol
  • Attend the Washington, D.C. Trip
  • Keep your State Senator and Representative informed
    Develop and maintain a relationship with your legislators and contact them when issues pertaining to the banking industry arise at the Capitol.  Make sure that they are educated on our positions.
  • Show up at local events and meetings in the community
    Attending functions in the community demonstrates to your legislators and neighbors that you are interested in the economic stability of the area.  The more opportunities to get to know your legislator, the more they become aware of your issues.
  • Advise the MBA Government Relations staff of your communications with legislators
    Keep the MBA informed of any meetings you have attended or contacts you have made.

Our banks have become a target for many special interest groups over the years.  We need to educate our elected officials on the importance of the banking industry in their communities. Getting involved in the process does not take much time or effort, but it does require passion for the banking industry and a desire to inform your legislators of our issues.

Contact Information

Therese Kuvaas, Government Relations Manager
8050 Washington Avenue South
Suite 150
Eden Prairie, MN  55344
Office: 952-835-3900
MN Toll Free:  866-835-3900