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FDIC Lawsuit

The MBA is the Champion for Minnesota Bankers, and we take our advocacy role on behalf of the banking industry very seriously. We not only work hard, but we also achieve measurable, positive results.

This year, the MBA has taken on a bold, new advocacy initiative: suing a federal regulator over its alleged regulatory overreach. We did not take this action lightly. The MBA Board and staff gave this matter the consideration it deserved. In the end and with the advice of outside counsel, the Board voted to support the industry by filing this lawsuit. We are grateful to Lake Central Bank for joining this suit, which makes our case even stronger.

Winning this lawsuit will have a positive effect on this specific issue. Equally as important, it will send a message to the FDIC and all the other bank regulators that we are watching them closely and that we expect them to follow the laws and regulations that govern their operations.

Update: On June 5, 2024, the Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA) and Lake Central Bank in Annandale (Plaintiffs) filed a Notice of Appeal regarding their lawsuit against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In April, the federal district court granted the FDIC’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, without prejudice, on the procedural grounds that the Plaintiffs did not have standing to sue the agency. The Plaintiffs are appealing that decision.


FDIC Response

MBA's Amended Complaint

FDIC Motion to Dismiss

Plaintiff's Memorandum  

FDIC Reply Memorandum

Order Granting Motion to Dismiss