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Pioneer Banker Club

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The Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA) is proud to recognize bankers who have been leaders of the industry for 50 years or more. Any Minnesota banker who has attained at least 50 years of active service is eligible. The bankers pictured below were inducted into the Pioneer Club in June 2022. See below for a complete roster.

2022 Pioneer Banker Club Inductees at the Annual Summit

Robert P. Carlson

Bob Carlson started his banking career back in 1971 when he joined his father, Quentin W. Carlson, at Peoples State Bank in Comfrey. Bob became the third generation to work at the bank. Over the years Bob has held many positions at the bank and took over as President in 1989. In 1988 the bank acquired First State Bank of New London, Minnesota - now United Minnesota Bank. Bob is still active in banking, serving as President and Chairman of the Board at United Minnesota Bank. 

Bob has been active outside of the bank, serving on the Comfrey City Council, Comfrey School Board, Comfrey Fire Department, Springfield Golf Course Board, Comfrey First Responders, Spicer First Responders and Faith Church Board.

Larry G. Knutson

Larry Knutson began his banking career on May 15, 1972, when he went to work at The Citizens State Bank in Olivia. After several years, he moved 15 miles north to work at the State Bank of Blomkest. In 2005, Larry was named president when the bank opened a second office in Willmar and changed its name to Concorde Bank. Larry currently serves as Chairman, President, and CEO.
Larry’s philosophy is that you must get down in the trenches to really learn and understand what the challenges are, and you should be willing to see and learn from the perspective of others. Larry says he is grateful for the opportunities he has had and he remains passionate about the independence and the relationships that community banking makes possible.

Phyllis Krause

Phyllis started with Alliance Bank (formerly known as Lake City State Bank), on April 17, 1972, as a bookkeeper and backup teller. As a bookkeeper, she worked with accounts payable, general ledgers, financial audits and more. In the early 2000s, Phyllis transitioned to the loan side of the bank as an Administrative Assistant. She spends most of her time assisting lenders with loan documents, loan payments, financial tracking, appraisal orders, title insurance orders, and other loan file maintenance. The banking industry has changed a lot over the past 50 years and Phyllis has done a great job evolving and growing in her different positions at the bank. She has been a very important employee and we have been very fortunate to have her as a part of the Alliance Bank family for the past 50 years.

Mark Loosbrock

Mark is the President of the State Bank of Lismore, a rural agricultural bank in southwest Minnesota. Mark started as cashier on June 1, 1972 and was additionally involved in what is now known as Lismore State Agency. Upon his father’s passing in 1990, Mark ascended to the role of President. Formed in 1900, the bank is rooted in family, with Mark’s grandfather Leo serving as President from 1939-1942 and his father Marvin serving as president from 1974-1990. Mark has also worked with his brother Gary, nephew Troy, and sons Andrew and Matthew. 

Mark appreciates every person he has worked with and the mutual respect he and his customers have for each other has meant a great deal during his career. While Mark’s community roots and involvement run deep, he is most proud of his family. Mark and his wife Jeanne have three children, Andrew, Matthew, and Jessica and six grandchildren.

Mark Luukonen

(photo and biography not available)

Bruce L. Mathwig

Bruce began his banking career in September 1971 with his hometown bank, Citizens State Bank of Green Isle. He then had a nearly twenty years productive tenure with the State Bank of Young America, which subsequently became KleinBank, and eventually Old National Bank. Bruce joined Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America in June 2020 and has been a very welcome addition to the lending team.

Bruce grew up on a family farm. He has maintained a deep appreciation for agriculture and his farm customers throughout his career. He is respected for his dedication, skill and knowledge and demonstrates a genuine concern for the well-being of others, Bruce is a true professional! Bruce has been active in many community organizations, including leadership roles. Bruce and Lorinda have been married for 37 years. They have two daughters Jessica and Rachel, and a son Patrick.

Donn N. Olson

Donn began his banking career in November of 1971 after graduating from Moorhead State College. He has spent all those 50+ years at Farmers State Bank of Hoffman. His positions have ranged from Teller to Assistant Cashier to Cashier, Loan Officer and Assistant Vice President to Vice President; the position he currently holds. He has also held a seat on the board of directors of Hoffman Bancshares for several years. In addition to banking, Donn has been the manager/agent of Hoffman Insurance Agency, Inc. for most of those 50 years. He volunteered on the Hoffman Volunteer Fire Department for 32 years and Hoffman Lions for 50+ years. Donn is married to Brenda and has two daughters and three grandchildren.

Jeff Schrempp

Jeff didn’t intend to be a lifelong banker when he started his banking career as a coin sorter at Northwestern National Bank in 1972. But with dedication and a supportive bank, he stayed with the bank for 32 years as it morphed into Norwest and then Wells Fargo. In 2004 Jeff became the Market President of Associated Bank at their largest community bank in St. Paul and then 12 years later joined Union Bank and Trust, a single location, union owned bank started in 1976, as their President/CEO. He’s grateful to the tremendous bankers he has worked with over the years

Marilyn J. Agre
Lloyd A. Amundson
Gary E. Bakko
Bernard Bastian
Maggie Bauer
Peter L. Bauer
Quentin Beadell
Ken Behm
Marlen E. Bents
H. H. Berg
Bruce W. Beutel
Gerald A. Bilski
Barbara Bjerken
John O. Bohmer
George N. Borgerding
C. T. Braff
Ken Broin
Marion Brummer
Edward H. Buerkle
Doug Bultman
Irvin Burich
Thomas "Buzz" Burich
Robert Cameron
John F. Campe
Robert P. Carlson
David J. Carr
John J. Cavanagh
Edward R. Cleasby
Keith Clements
Harold C. Cole
Marilyn J. Cox
David G. Dewitt
Robert Dickson
D. J. Dorweiler
Dasen Dorweiler
Harlan Drube
C. R. Duroe
Richard L. Duroe
Chester N. Eggen
Marianna Eiselt
Dale J. Emmel
Dianna Evans
Reid Evenson
Ewald A. Fenrick
Theresa C. Fierst
Joseph M. Finley
Clyde Fischer
Lois Fiskum
Robert F. Foley
Loren R. Fretland
Newton Fuller
Mary Gale
Richard E. Gandrud
Z. S. Gault
Steve Gilmer
Linda Goehle
Bernard Gulden
Edward Gutzmann
Larry Habstritt
Larry D. Hahn
Kathy Hallum
Faye Hamerl
Elaine Hansen
Orville M. Hanson
Robert D. Harder
James E. Hausauer
George F. Hayden 
James Heig

John R. Heneman
Allen G. Highum
G. Jack Hillstrom
Jerine Hoffmann
Dale Hoganson
Russell E. Holm
John D. Hunt
Betty Hvidsten
David M. Hyduke
Karen Hymes
Ernest Iverson
Russell W. Jacobson
Dorothy Jensen
Anthony C. Johnson
Edsel F. Johnson
Gladys Johnson
Harlowe M. Johnson
Jean B. Johnson
Larry D. Johnson
Myron J. Johnson
Warren Johnson
William R. Johnson
Kenneth C. Jore
Kenneth E. Just
Earl E. Keskey
Gary Kirt
George J. Klasen
Gordon H. Klaudt
Larry G. Knutson
Richard M. Kramer
Phyllis Krause
Gunnar Kronholm
Donovan Kuehnast
Ervin F. Kurth
Maynard A. Lawrence
Micheal L. Lillehaugen
Carl V. Lind
James Lindberg
Judy Lipetsky
Duane W. Loe
Mark Loosbrock
Mark Luukonen
Dale C. Madison
Joyce E. Magner
John A. Malmberg
Bruce L. Mathwig
Gerald W. McGee
Art Melander
Rosemary Jane Melzer
Harlan Mensink
Angeline R. Mixner
Gerald F. Mohrfeld
E. M. Neisen
Earl Nelson
Gordon L. Nelson
Lucille Nickolay
Sharon Nordby
John D. O’Brien
L. R. Oberg
Bruce Olness
Dayel M. Olson
Newman E. Olson
Donn N. Olson
Shirley Olson
Ken Onken
Alvin C. Peterson
Dean Peterson

Donald N. Peterson
Roger Peterson
Alan Pettit
Jane Pickle
Larry Pietrzak
John F. Pletz
F. J. Poepl
Lowell A. Pogatchnik
Don Ransom
Douglas Rech
W. C. Ries
Lois Roberton
Marie Roberts
Robert Roehl
Evelyn C. Roelike
Elsie Rolfs
L. H. Rolfs
Grace Rubischko
A. William Sands
Richard P. Sankovitz
D. D. Saxen
V. G. Schaffer
Elaine Schlemmer
Ralph C. Schmidt
Jeff Schrempp
Sandra Schroeder
Roger Schultz
Donald Schumacher
George Schweiss
Margaret Shaw
Vernon Shoquist
Norman C. Skalicky
James G. Sneer
Geraldine Sons
Ronald Steele
S. G. Steen
Fred E. Stein
Dale Stolt
W. W. Studtmann
Paul Tellefson
Roy Terwilliger
John E. Thinesen
Dennis Troff
Edward C. Turn
Wendale P. Vander Broek
Richard B. Ventrucci
Wilfred Vogel
Roger J. Voit
Paul Vollan
Harry Wahlquist
Roger Weise
Donald Welander
Joe Welle
Clair C. Wilcox
Steve Wilcox
Robert Wiley
William Wilkening
August A. Williams
Frederick Winston
John Wisniewski
Carol J. Wurm
William H. Zabel