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Vision Plan

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Vision Rates   

Supplemental benefits are insurance products that employees may choose to purchase through their employer at rates that are lower than they could get on their own. Many employers offer these benefits because it allows them to provide a more robust benefits package at no cost to them.

Vision Insurance is designed to keep you and your eyes healthy with personalized care.  

  • Benefits for exams, frames, lenses and contact lenses
  • Discounts for laser vision correction
  • Affordable rates, coverage options for your dependents
  • For those who prefer to shop online, we have an online option  
  • Large selection of VSP Choice providers

The MBA has partnered with VSP for a customized website for this special product. Banks may join each January 1. Please click here for more information on the vision plan offered by the MBA.

Enrollment into the plan for banks and employees occurs each January 1. If an employee has a qualifying event, they may be able to enroll through a special enrollment.

Once Enrolled

For those employees who are enrolled in the VSP vision plan, the individual employee may go into and “create an account.” Or, they may also go to the App store on a smartphone and install “VSP Vision Care On the Go.” The account the employee will create links up to the one created from their enrollment form. The employee should use their Social Security number (there is no Member ID). Once established, this new account will allow employees to view detailed information on benefits, claims, and generate ID cards (although cards are not required). Here is a letter from VSP you may forward to those employees enrolled in the vision plan.

Please contact Barb, Ashley, or Stacy with any questions or to enroll into this product:

Barb Markus, (952) 857-2625,
Ashley Reetz, (952) 857-2624,
Stacy Meyer, (952) 857-2618,