What is the Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month?  

In the month of September, Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month will give member banks a focused period within which to engage employees in one or more community service activities. This campaign will help showcase the vital role that banks play in their communities throughout the year. We ask that each MBA member set aside some time during this month to support charitable organizations of your choice. The MBA and fellow banks/bankers will then highlight the work being done through social and print media.

How do I register my bank or access the resources?

To register your bank, click on “register now” – no login to the website is necessary! If your bank has more than one branch, you’ll be given the opportunity to enter information for each location or each location can register individually. You can enter as many contacts as you would like to receive the informational emails too! You don’t need to have an activity in place to register, feel free to register now and then get back to us with what you plan to do!  

Each branch registered will receive recognition on the Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month web page and in future promotions and articles relating to this campaign. They will also be awarded the Community Champion Recognition Certificate for participating. 

Thank you for joining the Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month and for all your work on behalf of your community!

What Banks Have to Say About Community Impact Month

  • “This is a GREAT campaign for community banks. We plan to participate every year you do this.”
  • “It was great knowing that the small things our bank participated in were a part of a much larger cause/effort across the state of Minnesota…We had a number of customers comment positively when they were at the events we planned.”
  • “We had a lot of fun planning and holding the event.”
  • “Employees thought it was fantastic and want to volunteer in our community at other times of the year!”
  • “We had so much fun!”
  • “Loved seeing the photos of what other banks were doing, and great to see so many people working together for our communities.”
  • “It was a great team building opportunity for many of our branches. Thank you for sponsoring it.”
  • “This was a great idea! It not only encouraged us to continue to volunteer throughout our community, but it got our staff to work together as well.”
  • “This was the first time that our bank participated in a group volunteer project. I heard all positive feedback from employees, and we are considering continuing with the program on a regular basis. Lots of fun!”