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Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month FAQs

What is the Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month?

In the month of September, Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month will give member banks a focused period within which to engage employees in one or more community service activities. This campaign will help showcase the vital role that banks play in their communities throughout the year. The MBA and fellow banks/bankers will then highlight the work being done through social and print media.

How do I register my bank?

Go to . If your bank has more than one branch, we ask that each branch register separately and designate someone as a primary contact so we can keep each participating branch informed with supporting information and toolkits. 

Each branch registered will also receive recognition on the Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month web page and in future promotions and articles relating to this campaign.

Do we plan a community event or is that something MBA does?

Each bank should select an activity that fits your schedule and community goals, either onsite in the bank (e.g., a food drive) or offsite (e.g., Habitat for Humanity home construction). If you need help identifying a volunteer opportunity, the MBA has prepared a resource guide available at under Resources. 

What will the MBA do to support banks in this campaign?

The MBA has created a campaign website - This website is the place to register for the campaign and includes a number of resources to help you engage with local media, policymakers and social media.

My bank already does a lot in our community. Why is this campaign needed?

We know your organization is involved in community service projects year-round; this month-long campaign will bring together the efforts of the Minnesota banking industry to show our collective impact and involvement in the state. Too often the public perception of banking focuses on a few bad actors or stories of misdeeds that make for great headlines, but don’t represent the truth of the vast majority of banks. The MBA believes we can help change this perception by casting a spotlight on what banks are doing all the time – building stronger communities. With a large group of banks participating in community events at the same time - the bigger impact we can make!

Resources are available to make it easy to participate. is our campaign site. You will find resources here to help you prepare for your community event, including:

  • Media Guide
  • FAQ
  • Organizations to work with
  • Community involvement ideas
  • T-Shirts to order for your team
  • Downloadable Community Impact logos
  • Photos from past Community Impact campaigns (for ideas)
  • Sample letters to invite your local officials to join you

In particular, this site includes a media guide to spread the word about the campaign and help you get the word out about your bank’s contributions.

What should we do with any photos taken during the volunteer event?

If you have a social media presence, follow the Minnesota Bankers Association on Facebook and Twitter. Post your pictures, include the hashtag #BanksBuildMN and tag the MBA. Please utilize the social media guide located under Resources at for more ideas. If your bank is not on social media, please send us any photos and/or video you choose, with permission to use in MBA promotions about the campaign. Send to Chris Harrison at

How do I order Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Month t-shirts for my staff?

T-shirts are not required, but we encourage you to purchase Community Impact Month t-shirts for your staff to help unify everyone during the campaign. Visit to order.

What happens after September?

The MBA will reach out to all participating banks to collect input and data on your community efforts to show the widespread community impact from this campaign. We will ask for photos, videos, and testimonials of what transpired during the month. The MBA will use these resources to continue to shine a light on the work our member banks do to build stronger communities throughout the year.