Compensation & Benefits Survey

2018 Compensation & Benefits Survey - Bank Participation Needed!

In today's banking industry, it's more important than ever to make sure you're retaining your top talent. What better way to know how to compare your employees than to compare them to other top talent in the Minnesota banking industry! Not only does the survey provide market price compensation data, but it also includes benefit information for over 80 different banking positions in the state of Minnesota. The MBA would like you to consider participating in the survey this year. 

Banks that participate receive over $500 off of the survey and receive FREE access to the Custom Analysis Tool, which will allow you to customize salary information based on your bank's needs. Non-participating banks pay $399 for this feature, so take advantage of the savings and participate! 

Click here to sign up to participate in this year's survey. Participants receive the final results, including the Custom Analysis Tool, for just $299.

Click here to order the results of the 2017 survey.