Credit Analyst

    Job Description

This position is responsible for evaluating the risk of loan applicants defaulting on the loans for which they are applying. Other responsibilities include preparing reports and assisting loan officers as needed.

    Upcoming MBA Education Programs

Begin DateTitle
4/2/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143GRCREDIT
4/2/2019Financial Statement Analysis192_9003CREDIT
4/3/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143MHCREDIT
4/9/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143SCCREDIT
4/10/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143E1CREDIT
4/11/2019Women in Banking Conference192_9206ALL
4/16/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143MKCREDIT
4/17/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143E2CREDIT
4/18/2019Introduction To Global Cash Flow184_2062CREDIT
4/23/2019Analyzing Personal Tax Return Cash Flow192_2196CREDIT
6/11/2019Leadership Development Academy192_0118ALL
6/20/2019Understanding Garnishments & Levies192_3119CREDIT
8/13/2019Loan Assistant Seminar193_2113CREDIT
8/14/2019Next Generation Bankers Conference193_9082ALL
10/16/2019Business Loan Doc 1: Non-Collateral Issues194_3074CREDIT
10/30/2019Business Loan Doc 2: Collateral Issues194_3207CREDIT
11/4/2019Accounting for Bankers194_2063CREDIT