Chief Operating Officer

    Job Description

This position is responsible for the overall operations of the bank. Other responsibilities include development of policies and procedures and possibly serving as the Head Administrator for certain departments (e.g., HR, Marketing). This position also represents the bank in the community through attendance and participation in community events.

    Upcoming MBA Education Programs

Begin DateTitle
4/2/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143GRCOO
4/3/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143MHCOO
4/9/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143SCCOO
4/10/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143E1COO
4/11/2019Women in Banking Conference192_9206ALL
4/16/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143MKCOO
4/17/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143E2COO
4/23/2019Operations/Technology Conference192_4202COO
4/30/2019Building Earnings and Protecting ROA192_2239COO
5/15/2019Bank Retail and Marketing Strategy By the Numbers192_3031COO
5/16/2019Cash Management192_6115COO
6/11/2019Leadership Development Academy192_0118ALL
8/14/2019Next Generation Bankers Conference193_9082ALL
10/9/2019Making Effective Business Development Calls194_9130COO
10/22/2019Advanced Compliance Workshop194_1136COO