Compliance Officer

    Job Description

This position is responsible for ensuring the bank’s compliance with laws and regulations. Other responsibilities include working with both external examiners and bank management to manage compliance.

    Upcoming MBA Education Programs

Begin DateTitle
6/20/2019Understanding Garnishments & Levies192_3119COMP
6/26/2019Recognizing Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults193_9241COMP
7/15/2019Women in Banking Conference192_9206ALL
8/14/2019Next Generation Bankers Conference193_9082ALL
8/21/2019ERM Workshop Series193_9183SCOMP
10/15/2019Bank Security Management Seminar194_6137COMP
10/22/2019Advanced Compliance Workshop194_1136COMP
10/22/2019Principles of Banking194_9033ALL
10/29/2019Bank Directors Workshop194_9920COMP