Commercial Lending Officer

    Job Description

This position is responsible for the commercial lending function of the bank. Other responsibilities include working with clients to explain the process and answer questions during the lending process. This position also represents the bank in the community through attendance and participation in community events.

    Upcoming MBA Education Programs

Begin DateTitle
1/29/2019Cash Flow I191_2194COMM
2/12/2019Cash Flow II191_2195COMM
3/7/2019Business Loan Doc 3: Intermediate Collateral Issues191_3208COMM
3/13/2019Principles of Banking191_9033ALL
4/2/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143GRCOMM
4/2/2019Financial Statement Analysis192_9003COMM
4/3/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143MHCOMM
4/9/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143SCCOMM
4/10/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143E1COMM
4/11/2019Women in Banking Conference192_9206ALL
4/16/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143MKCOMM
4/17/2019SBA Lending 2019192_2143E2COMM
4/18/2019Introduction To Global Cash Flow184_2062COMM
4/23/2019Analyzing Personal Tax Return Cash Flow192_2196COMM
5/9/2019Advanced Commercial Lending School192_2093COMM
5/15/2019Bank Retail and Marketing Strategy By the Numbers192_3031COMM
10/7/2019Commercial Lending School194_2092COMM