Agricultural Lender

    Job Description

Provides service to major customers and prospective customers seeking a variety of agricultural loans. Makes agricultural loans and services accounts dealing in relatively large, complex loans or those involving greater risk. Operates with broad latitude for credit decisions. Develops credit relations with agricultural customers and promotes other banking services. Provides functional guidance to other agricultural loan officers. Typically requires a bachelor's degree and over ten years of agricultural lending experience.

    Upcoming MBA Education Programs

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10/16/2019Business Loan Doc 1: Non-Collateral Issues194_3074AG
10/22/2019Principles of Banking194_9033ALL
10/30/2019Business Loan Doc 2: Collateral Issues194_3207AG
11/4/2019Accounting for Bankers194_2063AG
11/19/2019Introduction To Global Cash Flow194_2062AG
12/2/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132NUAG
12/3/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132MSAG
12/3/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132WLAG
12/4/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132DLAG
12/4/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132WOAG
12/5/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132MKAG
12/5/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132TRAG
12/6/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132ROAG
12/6/2019Farm Service Agency Workshops194_0132SCAG
2/4/2020Guaranteed Loan Process Workshop201_0080DLAG
2/6/2020Guaranteed Loan Process Workshop201_0080MKAG
2/18/2020Cash Flow I201_2194AG
2/25/2020Cash Flow II201_2195AG
3/10/2020Principles of Banking201_9033ALL
3/18/2020Financial Statement Analysis201_9003AG