Career Paths to Quality Banker Education
The Minnesota Bankers Association has worked with our committees to develop Career Paths for bankers who want to advance their careers and knowledge of banking. The Career Paths are available for Personal Bankers, Tellers, Operation Management, Commercial and Retail Lenders. These paths are not a prescribed curriculum or certificate program, but suggested offerings to assist in developing bank employees and contributing to a core knowledge base that will make your bank competitive and productive.

Recommended Education  

Diplomas and Certificates 

ABA Training, a comprehensive source for training and education available through the American Bankers Association (ABA), also provides professional development options. ABA Training offers several diplomas and certificates in various areas of banking. Click here for more information.

ABA Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB) 

The need to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage is increasingly important for today's career banking professional, as employers' and clients' performance needs demand a firm, demonstrable grasp of knowledge standards for the financial services industry. ICB's nine different professional certifications can provide the banking professional with a significant advantage. Click here for more information.

For any information on any of the above programs contact the MBA Education Department:

Eric Hauth, Director of Education - 952-857-2605
Nicole Hanger, Education/ASM Coordinator - 952-857-2630
Kim Philipson, Education Coordinator - 952-857-2632
Chris Harrison, Education Coordinator - 952-857-2634
Mary Henriksen, Registration Coordinator - 952-857-2629