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This person reviews loans in accordance with the bank's Loan Policy and Guidelines. This person analyzes commercial and agricultural credits. This person also makes recommendations on how to minimize the bank's exposure and ensure that lending practices conform to established policy.


This person should have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of experience in the bank lending and credit area or the equivalent. This person should have good credit judgement and show an aptitude toward detail and adherence to Loan Policy and Guidelines.


1. Analyze and risk rate credit lines requiring Loan Committee review, and critique the credit classifications assigned by the Loan Officers. The analysis must be consistent with the findings of the appropriate regulatory agencies.
2. Review loan files as advances are made to ensure they qualify within the structure, documentation, and credit quality standards of the bank's Loan Policy and Guidelines.
3. Present loan files or credit lines not meeting the standards of the bank's Loan Policy and Guidelines to the VP of Credit Administration with a detailed explanation of the credit exceptions and the recommended action necessary to correct the deficiencies and improve the bank's position.
4. In the event of minor technical documentation discrepancies or identified potential credit weakness, communicate directly with the Loan Officer, requesting correction of the discrepancies and recommending alternatives for improving the credit lines. Perform follow-up action as necessary until corrected.
5. Attend the bank's Loan Committee meetings where credit lines are presented to the Loan Committee for final approval, recommended action, and classification.
6. Perform reviews of loan files, test loan underwriting, complete board reports, complete construction inspections, and perform other credit review-related projects for affiliates.
7. Attend loan department and other committee meetings as requested by management to participate in decisions that affect ongoing and future operations of the loan department.
8. Work in conjunction with the VP of Credit Administration to assist management in maintaining and updating the bank's Loan Policy and Guidelines according to established procedures.
9. Act in accordance with FBT policies and procedures as set forth in the employee handbook.
10. Adhere to compliance procedures and participate in required compliance training.

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