ABA Military Banking Operations Diploma
The ABA Military Banking Operations Diploma was created to provide veterans, military-selected Reserves, and the National Guard with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in the financial services industry. The members of the armed forces community possess decision-making skills and a work ethic that any employer would value, as well as leadership skills developed under extraordinary circumstances. AIB rounds out these unique current and potential employees with a comprehensive training program that teaches them about the banking industry, and prepares them for managerial-level positions.

Required Courses

You must complete the following courses:
  • Principles of Banking
  • Analyzing Bank Performance
  • Economics for Bankers
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers or constructive credit from a military leadership course
  • General Accounting
  • Law & Banking: Principles
  • Managing Funding, Liquidity and Capital
  • Managing Interest Rate Risk
  • Money & Banking
  • Supervisor Certificate or constructive credit from a military leadership course

Online Diploma Option

This ABA Diploma can also be taken entirely online as a self-paced diploma curriculum. Click here for more information and to purchase all the required courses at a discounted price (you do not need to log in to browse the catalog - click on "Members Only Catalog and Pricing" to search for courses).

Questions? Please contact Chris Harrison at chrish@minnbankers.com or 952-857-2634 for more information.