ABA Bank Operations Diploma
The ABA Bank Operations Diploma, one of the oldest and most widely achieved diplomas, provides a solid grounding in banking fundamentals, and is an ideal foundation for new or aspiring operations managers or supervisors. This curriculum covers critical knowledge areas such as accounting, legal and regulatory aspects of banking, general bank operations, payment systems, and supervision that are central to the responsibilities of operations personnel.

Required Courses

You must complete the following courses. The Accounting requirement may be met by transfer credit from an accredited college or university.
  • ABA Principles of Banking
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers
  • General Accounting
  • Law and Banking: Applications or Law and Banking: Principles
  • Money and Banking
  • ABA Supervisor Certificate (either self-paced or facilitated online)

Online Diploma Option

This ABA Diploma can also be taken entirely online as a self-paced diploma curriculum. Click here for more information and to purchase all the required courses at a discounted price (you do not need to log in to browse the catalog - click on "Members Only Catalog and Pricing" to search for courses).

Questions? Please contact Chris Harrison at chrish@minnbankers.com or 952-857-2634 for more information.