ABA Bank Financial Management Diploma
This diploma is designed for individuals who are involved in the financial management of their bank, including junior officers up through CEOs, CFOs and other senior officers who make key decisions that affect bank profitability.

The courses required for this diploma cover the analysis of bank performance, the measurement and management of interest rate risk, and the management of funding, liquidity and capital. All the core courses use the same textbook, and each course includes exercises in which participants apply these concepts to their own institution. Candidates should have an understanding of accounting and financial markets before beginning the required courses. Experience in the use of electronic spreadsheets is helpful but not required.

Required Courses

Students must successfully complete the following courses. No substitutions or previous college credit will be accepted for this certificate.
  • Analyzing Bank Performance
  • Ethical Issues for Bankers
  • Managing the Bank's Investment Portfolio
  • Managing Funding, Liquidity and Capital
  • Managing Interest Rate Risk

Online Diploma Option

This ABA Diploma can also be taken entirely online as a self-paced diploma curriculum. Click here for more information and to purchase all the required courses at a discounted price (you do not need to log in to browse the catalog - click on "Members Only Catalog and Pricing" to search for courses).

Questions? Please contact Chris Harrison at chrish@minnbankers.com or 952-857-2634 for more information.