The Faculty

Juli Lynch, Ph.D.
Juli Lynch holds a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development Psychology. She specializes in personal professional development, leadership and team development and organizational culture alignment and management. Juli has spent 25 years as a consultant and executive coach in the financial services industry, and has also coached executives in the automotive, healthcare and retail industries. She is a regular presenter at the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, and has spoken for more than 25 state banking associations over the past decade. She has led long-term consulting and coaching engagements with 20 banks across the country that have focused on connecting culture and leadership to performance. Prior to her consulting career, Juli was a professional ultra-marathoner and adventure racer, competing around the globe with her teams. She gained incredible insight into enabling teams and leaders to reach new levels of performance in high-stress situations. 
Steve Ahlberg, Capt. USN SEAL (Ret.), MS, MBA
When it comes to stress, Steve Ahlberg understands the reality of facing long odds and devising methods for defeating them. A career spent in the U. S. Navy SEALs, from Platoon Commander to Deputy Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command to Commodore, has empowered Steve to think strategically, plan thoroughly, and take action. The SEALs are arguably the most versatile of the military special operations groups.  Known within their community as simply, “The Teams,” they achieve the seemingly impossible through Teamwork. Armed with an MBA and MS in Strategic Intelligence, Steve has the ability to wind stories of his military exploits around effective methods of team building, team leadership, and executive training. He has worked to develop high performance teams and leaders in organizations nationally and internationally, large and small. 
Jackson Hataway, Ph.D.
All great leaders and teams know that success starts with communication. Jackson holds a Doctorate in Organizational Communication. He specializes in internal and external communication, organizational development, team building, and strategic planning. Jackson works with some of the fastest growing banks in the U.S. to deliver cutting edge innovation that drives positive impact to the bottom line. At the same time, his expertise in communication theory and strategy has led him to work regularly with executives at leading digital technology companies such as Microsoft and Adobe to develop internally and externally facing communication platforms. Through his work facilitating strategic planning sessions and developing innovative strategic initiatives, Jackson has learned to identify the resources that are often forgotten or ignored by organizations – and to hone those resources so that they become invaluable. In addition to his consulting expertise, Jackson is a renowned professional speaker with numerous national awards.